Seeing a Destination During a Layover

Friends have asked me if I ever venture outside of the airport during a layover? My answer is always a resounding…YES!

Okay, let me be clear. If traveling internationally, one must be mindful of check-in limitations and time constraints. But it is my mission to see something new or to do something, anything such as have a cup of tea in a local cafe, with the little time I have. It could be simply to walk outside, catch the eyes of a stranger and smile. Make it your mission to venture out of the airport and your comfort zone and have an adventure.

My husband and I always travel light. Our carry-on bag (or backpack) is smaller than most and our clothing is simple and can be washed/dried or refreshed in minimal time. As vegans, we keep a supply of our favorite non-perishable snacks to eat on the road just in case sitting down for a proper meal is not an option, or not available when trying to maximize our time during a layover (organic fresh fruits and vegetables are always preferred when available).

Some of our favorites:

Raw nuts/seeds
Individually packaged dried fruit
Vegan protein bars
Individually packaged granola
Individually packaged Almond/Soy milk (Local only due to weight and liquid restrictions)
Individual packets of vegan protein powder for shakes
Vacuum insulated water bottle

Here is a good article from Conde Naste that highlights tried and tested suggestions on maximizing a layover based on the experiences of world travelers, pilots, and business travelers. I hope you’re inspired to get out of the airport and see something new. Who knows, you may meet a new friend!

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