Mazatlan, Mexico Vegan Friendly Dining

Pancho’s is located in Mazatlan’s Golden Zone right on the beach. From the street, you will stroll passed quaint shops where merchants will tempt you with jewelry and hand-crafted wares. Go ahead, have a look but something bigger awaits. Take it in…the sound of the waves breaking, the colorful Mexican tiles, the beautiful spoken language, the music of Mariachis if your lucky, and the smell of authentic Mexican cuisine. That my friend is the perfect souvenir! Pancho’s is “vegan friendly” at best. We were very pleased with potato tacos, perfectly crispy on the outside with a delicate potato filling. The vegetable fajitas, featured sautéed onions, carrots, and peppers arrived predictably sizzling in a cast iron skillet.  All served with a huge serving of guacamole and bottomless tortilla chips. Our meal for two cost us the same as a meal for one in the states.

We only drank bottled water.

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