has been created as a community for vegan travelers.  It is not always easy to find vegan-friendly places.  We are here to help!

Gail Pavlosky
Gail is the owner and teacher of a day care preschool located in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an Outdoor Classroom Specialist whose philosophy is focused around teaching children through the natural world. Allowing them to spend most of their day outdoors, tending to the vegetable and flower garden or playing in the dirt and mud in their Good Earth Mud Kitchen. She serves wholesome vegetarian meals and helps children appreciate their food which comes from the ground and to respect all the little creatures the children encounter through their play. Gail has a passion for teaching children to be good stewards of the earth. 

With her husband, Alan, Gail has been vegan since 2012. 

Alan Pavlosky
Alan Pavlosky is an experienced business manager in the professional sports industry in the United States. He has built and maintained hundreds of long standing relationships with hall of fame caliber professional athletes and entertainers over the past 30 years. He is also highly connected with sports media personalities, sports agents, public relations agents, athletic trainers and others in almost every aspect of the industry. His trusted relationships run deep in the United States sports industry.

Alan Pavlosky has worked with hundreds of athletes and celebrities helping them create branding and marketing programs.  He has also been a mentor to many of them in their philanthropic planning.  He co-founded All Sports United to recognize great philanthropic contributions of the sports industry and to encourage and mentor more athletes to pursue meaningful philanthropic goals.

Alan’s life long passion has been to leave a legacy by helping others leave a legacy.  He and his wife Gail live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Alan became a vegan in 2012.  The initial motivation was to reduce the risk of heart disease due to high cholesterol.  The motivation soon changed though and became more holistic focusing on health, animal ethics and environmental impact of animal agriculture.

Together, Alan and Gail operate to share a healthy vegan lifestyle paired with love of travel.